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A2 Hosting Review – It Is Important To Consider This..

Posted on June 24, 2018 in UFO

A lot of people haven’t heard about A2 Hosting as they’re a relative newcomer to the hosting world similar to their main competition Siteground. I believe that is due to the fact that A2 has focused more on quality control than marketing. For any web developer that’s definitely the best thing but for their company perhaps not. In either case, they don’t possess the notoriety of bigger hosts like HostGator or BlueHost (Bluehost is terrible). However, they’re main claim is they offer speeds of up to 20X the competition.

In addition they boast with regards to their impressive uptime and support that they can call their “gurus”. Sounds just a little pretentious? Right? Currently we have 54 site on A2 Hosting Review so that we can put these states the test and see should they really do perform. At this point you may be wondering well how quickly does it work from Australia. We accessed their servers from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Bendigo and Brisbane.

For your purposes we used the Singapore datacenter that is considerably faster than the Australian centers. This could seems surprising having said that i explain it in full inside our top hosting review guide. Let’s jump into it, the below results were via their shared web hosting plans. If you want to discover more just visit A2.

A2 claims of 20X speed increases over a number of the guys seems a little bit tough to beat. The concept behind faster loading times ended up being to address the growing interest in insanely fast Internet results worldwide. The normal web visitor decides whether or not they will continue to be on your website within several seconds. If it’s too slow or doesn’t load instantly they may be gone. You are able to think Google AMP and Facebook for this. They’ve upped the conventional for the majority of websites and if loading times aren’t ultra quick men and women will click in and out.

Huge E-commerce sites and larger brands who spend millions optimizing their sites know that they have to obtain their webpage to load within a second. Anything beyond 4 seconds can lose you upwards of 50% traffic. Luckily A2 brings big brand speeds in your own blog or small enterprise website. On average we discovered that via their Singapore datacenter the average loading time was 222ms which puts them on top of all the hosts we’ve reviewed. Not merely did their pages load super quickly, we noticed a reasonably stable speed across all cities from Adelaide to Perth to Brisbane.

To truly step it up and discover how good their servers could handle some bigger files, I tested with a 100Mb file via a number of different locations. Below is the download time using a regular ISP based in Sydney. Tested this on 26/01/2018. A2 approaches their shared web hosting resources in a few different methods that will make them stand aside from their competition.

Most shared hosting seems like this. Multiple computers make use of the same IP or server’s resources. The thought behind this kind of plan is the fact that nobody website mandates that many resources, instead they share resources. By limiting the number of people on an IP or host the faster speed they could offer to customers. The better people you might have making requests on the server the slower it will be. A2 keeps their server/# of customers ratio low to help keep things faster.

This works by keeping information about distributed servers all over the world. So based on when a visitor accesses your information they could get a copy of it from the server that is closer to them. Servers closer to a visitor will allow for greatly increased load times. This second method is probably the significant reasons why A2’s services are a lot faster wbbylj competition. If you read our main review page covering all of our recommended Australian hosting companies you will see that during the last ten years we’ve gathered a lot of data on your own clients’ sites. Analyzing this data we are able to obtain a historical take a look at just how a hosting company performs over time.

If you’re thinking about doing E-commerce or simply running an simple ordinary website, you 100% need SSL. It’s the brand new standard for any website trying to rank well in the search engines organically. Most hosts will ask you for an annual fee of over $70 however with A2 it’s a free of charge install using their “Let’s Encrypt” option.

On a few of the higher tier plans A2 offers free backsups. These are required for any wordpress based host where users can add their own data and delete it anytime. It’s easy for a brand new website owner to accidentally damage their own site’s data. Use a few free plugins to achieve this as well, but getting your host create systematic backups of your details is a great means of keeping everything safe.

At this time you can see that A2 offers lots of services that a lot of hosts don’t. From keeping IPs away from countless accounts to babysitting your website’s security and backups they are definitely providing lots of value.